Small Town Heroes - Tom Glover and Luke Honnoraty

Small Town Heroes - Tom Glover and Luke Honnoraty

Postby tomg88 » 29 Dec 2015, 14:18

The venue is slightly off the main stretch but not as far away as it appears on the map. In reality it's just round the corner from the Pleasance and in walking distance of all the major venues.

The room itself is a lovely little function room at the back of the pub. It's very compact, which is great for stand up comedy but perhaps not ideal for people wanting to have more of a stage.

The venue only seats around 30 on bench seats and fire restrictions mean you are limited to 30. We had to turn audience away at quite a few shows because of this. Make sure you don't overfill the room.

I know some shows did struggle for numbers but we flyered hard every day and promoted the show online wherever we could and actually found we were able to fill the venue quite comfortably. It's not a venue you can rely on walk up or last minute flyering as most people in and around the pub are locals and not really there for comedy.

The room can get very hot as it's a small space and there are no windows but this is the same at most fringe venues. We invested in a fan which kept the front rows cool at least!

The pub itself can get very busy at the weekends and you do get noise bleed in the room but during the week this isn't really an issue.

All in all it's a decent venue if you fancy a smaller space and are prepared to put in the work to fill it.
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