brochure printing costs

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brochure printing costs

Postby Jools Constant » 04 Jul 2011, 17:05

We need to take action now and Peter isnt well enough to be dealing with this. Lets not delay until we are told what to do as this isn't going to address the very immediate and urgent situation we face and may even make it worse. We are a collective, we can make this level of decision. Half the reason that peter gets so ill and stressed at this time of year is because people refuse to make decisions. Please encourage everyone to voluntarily contribute, its not ideal but its the only real way of preventing previous years financial issues.

Again: PBH has already agreed hinting at such a suggestion in his main info email. It is unacceptable to leave peter out of pocket again. It is unacceptable to delay. We don't need his permission we are a collective... it needs paying for, adverts haven't been sold so lets pay. Free Fringe web site ,home page 'contribute' button - simples!

peters own word; Raise £14000 for the programme within a week from sale of advertising
or by other means. I have always opposed a levy on performers, since
that stops us being free. If there were such a levy, £3 per performance
would cover it. But I would prefer to be able to say, as we always have
said: no charges on performers, even voluntary ones.

to clarify if there are 3 people in a show that means 1 payment of 3 pounds per show (£1 each per show) 1 person performing 20 one man shows will pay £60 or as much as they feel they can contribute given their circumstances - more or less.

Warmest Regards
Jools Constant
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Re: brochure printing costs

Postby alcowie » 04 Jul 2011, 17:24

Whilst I can see that £70 per show is painful, please bear in mind that in all previous years a requirement of being in the Free Fringe was to advertise in the main Edinburgh Festival Guide, at a minimum cost of £270.

This year there is no such requirement, so rather than looking at this as costing us £70 per show, consider the reality that PBH has saved us £200 – per show, and that is even if you show isn’t a full run. If you have 3 shows, he has saved you £600.

If we can sell the ads or come up with another solution, absolutely brilliant. If not, there is a cost to having a brochure, and we will make it back from the bucket, probably within a show or 3.

It is unfair to expect someone else to shoulder this cost. This is a collective, we’re going to have a fantastic fringe, and it’s already costing us less than last year; let’s work together and all chip in. I vote for donation, if that is amenable to PBH.
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Re: brochure printing costs

Postby ashpryce » 04 Jul 2011, 17:49

If need be we are happy to contribute, however as I've said elsewhere it just isn't feasible for us to pay a rate of £3 per performance before the Fringe because of the number we are doing.

It is unreasonable that peter pays it all out of his own money, however I think it also unreasonable to instigate a COMPULSORY payment this late in the game. If this were to be put in place, and I think it certainly a good idea, it should be voluntary this year for what people can afford and then NEXT year make it a stipulation.

However, if it does become compulsory many people may jump ship to Laughing Horse and mean those of us left behind end up paying even more. There are knock on effects that have to be considered.

What we get from PBH is amazing, what he provides is definitely worth paying £3 a show for, but lets not jump the gun- we need to look at consequences in the long run and also it may be better to wait until we have an official response from Peter. We're willing to try and stage a fund raiser here in Edinburgh if it helps, and if anyone else is interested in doing that let me know.

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Re: brochure printing costs

Postby Jools Constant » 04 Jul 2011, 18:22

Laughing horse charge a compulsory fee and its much more than the £70 which is being suggested as a voluntary levy. If your finances don't allow right now, the 'contribute' button is always there, just give when your are able during the Ed run when you start to see a return from the bucket.

This is not and never will be mandatory.
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Re: brochure printing costs

Postby Alex Marion » 04 Jul 2011, 18:24

Before I continue, I should say that I do think we need a definitive answer, from the collective as much as PBH, before we all start weighing in otherwise the waters get muddied. Having said that I'm happy to nail my colours to the mast:

£3 per performance is really a tiny figure to get a show to Edinburgh and, crucially, get people through the door, and its my feeling that the brochure will do that. The more shows you're doing the more you pay, but equally the more you stand to gain in bucket money. I'm doing a one man show, so I stand to gain more per show than I did last year in a 3 hander, therefore I don't resent paying more for the same number of shows than this year sketch performers or 3 hander stand ups, if it gets people through the door. And that's what the brochure does. I'm doing 19 shows so at £3 a time that should be £57, but I'm going to put £70 in because I believe the investment is worth it compared to, say, several thousand pounds to perform in the new Pleasance Upstairs Through The Loft Conversion Out The Skylight Between The 2nd and 3rd Chimney Stack Space. I realise that means there is a surplus of £13 - if anyone would rather pay £13 less than their full whack then PM me and I will be happy to accept personal services to that value.
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Re: brochure printing costs

Postby Leila Borris » 04 Jul 2011, 20:40

Hi Everyone,

Given the lack of time left before the Free Fringe actually kicks off (gulp!) I think a donation of £3 ish per show is the most feasible way of getting the brochure off the ground. With this in mind I have just donated £70 via PayPal. No option to include my show code but it's 182 for anyone out there keeping track.

Thanks for all your hard work and help, free fringers.

Get well soon Peter.


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Re: brochure printing costs

Postby friendlygiraffe » 06 Jul 2011, 14:00

Show #159 Giants of Comedy Paid £70 via Paypal. Easy

Is there an email we can send imagery and blurb to? I believe this has already been done, but I just wanted to make double sure

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Re: brochure printing costs

Postby James Christopher » 24 Aug 2011, 12:30

I am having the same problem as the one that Elise stated in an earlier email, ie - I need a card reader in order to make a BACS payment. My intention is to pay on the day of my return. If it's preferable for me to pay immediately via PayPal then just let me know. Thanks, hope you enjoy the final few days of the Fringe!
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Re: brochure printing costs

Postby stefanm » 03 May 2012, 12:17

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Re: brochure printing costs

Postby sophiebond13 » 18 Jun 2012, 06:36

Hi all,

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