9:45 GOOD - Morven Smith & Julia Clarke

9:45 GOOD - Morven Smith & Julia Clarke

Postby Morven » 16 Jan 2012, 04:04

The venue: This was a great place to play. We loved the space. Occassionally noise filtered from teh pub but it wasn't too bad as long as staff and performers didn't hang out and be loud at the end of the bar. There were regulars who could sometimes be nice but sometimes difficult. As Jenny Ha's had been taken over by James and Jacqui and had chanegd name to the Kilderkin it was a venue in transition. The only way this was a big problem was because teh name changed during the first week and this meant that we had to explain carefully to punters about where the venue was and what it was called. I had several punters who couldn't find it because of the name change and I believe this affected our numbers.

The performance area: This was a great space that fit 30 to 45 people depending on how cosy it was. It was easy to take down and set up when everyone pitched in but some shows did not which made it harder. We got into a rhythm with it though. the staff at Kilderkin took it all down at night with help from whoever was still about at midnight. It was quick to clean between shows but again only if each show cleaned up their own audience's glasses etc which did not always happen.

The staff: These guys were AWESOME! Nice people, very supportive of teh shows. It became like a little family whom I particularly miss. They helped to make the fringe brilliant fun!

Advertising: We flyered and postered and were in the Free Fringe and Fringe Guides. I woudl definitely try and do more flyering and postering and facebooking next time with better flyering strategies etc. We did not use the flyer printer everyone else did but I probably would next time to save carting the flyers and posters from London...

Audience numbers: We had big nights and small nights. Our average would have been 12 to 15 and the lowest was maybe 8 with highest at about 20. Again I think teh later time slot with a difficult to find venue due to name change affected these numbers as well as our lack of a flyering strategy...

Show itself: It was up and down - soemtimes we played well and sometiems we did not. We are both fairly new comics and I feel I learned a great deal from teh experience about doing a festival, working with people and working with a venue. I would certainly spend more time writing and honing next time before putting on a show...

Buckets: We had a couple of good nights where we took in about 20 pounds but equally we had nights we made just a few quid.

Tech at the venue: Basic tech set up was great and perfectly adequate for our show's needs.

I thoroughly enjoyed being at the Kilderkin and would definitely want to be there again!!
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