18:00 Dying to Help

18:00 Dying to Help

Postby lesvevans » 10 Nov 2011, 17:53

- The venue - An old style pub that served good pub food during the day and early eve and reasonably priced pizza in the evenings. A mix of tourists and a good handful of regular older ex servicemen who were friendly and in the pub most days/nights.

- The performance area - was a separate room - the main eating area during the day, but we separated it off with curtains and large wooden blocks/walls - by no means sound proof but it worked fine with a mic. Only occasionally did the noise from the pub interfere with the performance.

- The team of staff at the venue - were all super friendly and supportive, coming to see our shows and always mentioning to customers what was on during the evening. Someone was always around to help set up the room if we wanted and help put all the chairs back at the end of the evening. I think having shows must have added to their trade and it seemed to run smoothly.

- How you advertised your show - I advertised in the main Fringe brochure, flyering just down from the Royal Mile and word of mouth etc. After setting up (as I was first on in the venue I was always there around 5 if not before). I stood outside the venue for the half an hour before the show, drumming up on some nights another 10/15 people aside from those I flyered in the day/evening before. I found it hard to get reviewers in ... managed to get two but towards the end of the run.

- How your show went in terms of audience numbers - The room was pretty cosy and felt full with 20 people which was great. I averaged around 25/30 most evenings. The least I had was about 15 a couple of times and the most I had was about 55 a couple of times. I think the weekends were the busiest and the lowest were on a Monday. The quiet days were definitely weather related. Being as far down the Royal Mile as we were if it rained heavily, sometimes it was a bit far to come in that bad weather. The rain also helped in getting last minute people who wanted to take shelter.

- Your show itself - I was really pleased with how the show went for my first solo show. It was a mixture of character and stand up. There was a little audience participation which worked well - however a few people said they didn't quite relax until the end at the fear which I'm not sure if that's a good or a bad thing as I didn't actually humiliate anyone.

- Buckets - The bucket definitely correlated with audience numbers and how well the show went. I was pleased and they were good. There were two exits (fire exit door that had to be left unlocked) - so people could avoid the bucket if they wanted.

- Technical set-up at the venue - Basic technical set up - mic, speakers and switching some lights on! The thing that took the time was moving the chairs and tables and putting up curtains to cover the windows, however we got the set up down to about 15 minutes.

I had a fantastic free fringe experience and am really grateful to PBH, The Kilderkin (Jenny Ha's) staff and other performers at the venue.
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