DAYLORDS RETURN, 19.15 - 21st - 27th August

DAYLORDS RETURN, 19.15 - 21st - 27th August

Postby Anna Morris » 02 Nov 2011, 17:24

We are female double act Morris & Vyse and our show was called Daylords Return. It was a sketch show, and only on for the last week of the fringe in Jenny Ha's.

It seated about 30 people - could squeeze in 40 if standing at back. Benches/chairs for people to sit on. Some little stools were piled up at back and I would sometimes put those out at the back to give a few extra seats.


The venue was a pub at the bottom of Cannons Gate. The bar staff were helpful and friendly the normal clientele were made up of locals with the odd tourist, they didn’t tend to come in and watch the shows but were very pleasant. It's a good 10 min walk down from main hub of royal mile so best to tell your potential audience when flyering to give themselves at least 10 min to get there on time and grab a drink! If you have props perhap take a trolley or suitcase as you may have to go up and down hill a lot!


The performance area was a room at the back of the pub with a curtain/polystyrene separating us from the pub. This normally worked really nicely but on Fridays and Saturdays the noise did filter through somewhat, perhaps we could use a more sound proofed wall/curtain as a barrier for next time


The team of staff at the venue, as mentioned before, were great and really helpful at allowing us to advertise the shows in their venue and I really don’t feel that we got in way of the running of the pub. We advertised our show – By giving out Fringe brochures, flyering, posters etc. Sometimes we felt the venue was a bit far away from the mile to get the audience down to, sometimes we had to walk the audience down to the pub which took about 25mins out of our flyering. But once they are there they stayed cos there’s no where else to go. Which was good.

It's best to go down there early on to put flyers on tables for people to grab throughout the day. Go round to the tables - speak to the customers - I got a group of 10 Americans in just by having a nice chat with them - they were only there for a pint and ended up coming in and having lots of fun! The locals are curious - they need some encouragement to come in and sit down as it's quite intimate - but it pays off if they come in! They will tell their friends!


I guess there are pros and cons to having a venue far out. Some of our audience came back because they saw last years show. Generally we managed to fill it every night only one rainy night we had about about twenty people in. Making around £30 to £60 a night. But we were only there for 7 nights.The show itself we feel went well and really worked as a follow up to last years show. I think the audience that came again liked the continuity. Technical set-up at the venue was fine, it was basic but great for the venue. A

dmin & Communication process: we didn’t really hear from our venue captain but that was perhaps because we only came up for a week at the end this time, so the venue was running smoothly. Again, a great free fringe. Just wish we were up there for longer.

CONCLUSION: Jenny Ha's is a great place if you have an intimate show - stand up or a small scale sketch show. YOu can't really store props as no security so make sure your show is not prop heavy. No big stage, no fancy business - just a very straightforwad, nice simple venue. Perhaps also good for a week's run. A good place to try things out. Overall a nice place to perform but just not that easy to get people away from the Royal Mile and down there.
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