Laughter lung does/did Edinburgh

Laughter lung does/did Edinburgh

Postby scott merrington » 30 Oct 2011, 19:30

The venue was an old fashioned pub, frequented by locals. With the performance area being the restaurant in the day time. This was not separated by a wall, but with the improvised walls supplied was sufficiantly seperate from the rest of the pub. Only on Saturdays was noise a slight problem.

The staff were nothing short of amazing, who couldn't have done more to help. Not only did they help set up the space every day, as well as putting it back at the end of the night. They gave us wherever possible, everything that we needed. Plus all the staff came to watch each show, some on more than one occasion.
The fact that there were shows on at the venue didn't seem to make any difference to the normal trade, and a few of the locals came to the shows again and again.

We advertised our show by flyering and plugging it at other shows when guesting. We also tried a few attention seeking technics on the royal mile. This was the idea of Mr Robert Johnson, and did well for audience numbers. It was also a good exercise in team building. Our audience numbers were up and down the entire run, suffering mostly in the third week. Possibly due to us running out of steam on the flyering front. Some of our best shows were in fact those with little audience. On two occasions we started the show with no audience, and then found that people would come in once they heard that something was happening inside.

The format of our show was that the three of us would take turns to emcee, and do our sets with a guest each night. This worked well, and stopped it from becoming stale. And also stopped us from getting bored with each other. The only thing i would change, would be to drop the guest. Allowing more stage time for us.

Our buckets, like our attendances were up and down. But paid for a couple of beers and a pizza most nights.

Technically, there were no problems what so ever. I turned on the PA, it worked, and continued to work throughout. Any other issues such as lighting, were sorted out by us and the staff. This was also the case with communication and admin. At no point did i feel stressed, or unsupported.
I think in general, we all learned that putting on a show every night for three weeks, or even a week is not a walk in the park. But the general team atmosphere really helped when one of us was feeling the pressure.

Look forward to next year.

Scott merrington, Morten Sorensen and Claus Reiss
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