Whisky & Bears - Show 299

Whisky & Bears - Show 299

Postby Robbie Johnson » 13 Sep 2011, 09:53

- The venue -Jenny Ha's was a great place to play. At first glance one wondered, but once the staff jumped in to help and the performers arrived it converted to a very good little venue. It is at the bottom of the hill. Start advertising early and flyer like crazy. The food and beer were good. The Bog was boggy and smelled like a bog. I never tried the ladies bog though. The veterans could be a bit trying at first. Some of them are crazy. Dusty was particularly obnoxious.

- The performance area - Turned into quite a nice little room once it had some work.

- The team of staff at the venue - Were literally just the best. They were supportive and professional and I can't say a bad word about any of them. It would though in the future be a good idea if any venue is going to change the name, if the performers knew about it.

- How you advertised your show - We did the standard. We were registered for the fringe, and mentioned in the Free Fringe brochure and we flyered. Rain or shine. We did quite bit of painting anything we could find. We went up and down the hill with the things we painted. We stayed upbeat when flyering. We passed out the Free Fringe Brochure with everything we gave out. I think that helped alot. People really do want the brochure more than individual flyers, so we would hit them with the question "Brochure and map for the free festival?" and then once we had the foot in the door we would try and sell our shows. It was important for us to try to help sell all the shows in our venue. Not only for solidarity purposes, but the more people we brought to the venue the better it worked for everyone and for us. When we did manage to do stage advertising shows at the top of the hill, we had many more guests.

- How your show went in terms of audience numbers - The numbers we good the first two nights and the last 3 nights and in the middle were a bit disappointing. But it was a show during the first week.

- Your show itself - The show was good. The piano player was disgruntled. He doesn't understand the English speaking theater world and has decided to go back to Finland. It's a shame but better that than he knifes someone first, eh?

- Buckets - The bucket was good. It's hard to make a good pitch when you are trying to get cleaned up for the next show. We could have used a little more coordination here.

- Technical set-up at the venue -Our set up was very fast, but the technical requirements were not that high. We could have used one spot light so we could have dampened the lights a little and done some focusing, but really, it was a free room, and an excellent one at that.

Overall, we really enjoyed the festival and venue. Next time, I will flyer even more, and do more painting and poetry outside the venue. I think that you get what you put into it, and I had a great time. Most of the performers were great about working together and I really enjoyed that aspect very much.
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