19:15 Working WoMen's Club

19:15 Working WoMen's Club

Postby Genevieve Swallow » 24 Jan 2012, 20:36

- Venue
A traditional pub, which serves food. It has a mixture of clientele, from regulars, locals, visitors to the city and those who were coming specifically to see the shows. It is on Canongate which is a 10 minute walk down from the Royal Mile.

- Performance area
There was a main drinking area and a dining room in a separate space at the side. The dining room was the performance area with chairs put in rows and tables pushed to the side. A large block and curtain was used effectively as a door to separate the performance space off from the main drinking area. This also helped to restrict noise coming through. Glasses and general clearing up needed to be done before and after the shows.

- The team of staff at the venue
Very friendly and helpful. They seemed to like the fact that the shows were bringing in extra trade. Whilst we were there, there was a change of ownership.

- Advertising
We advertised by being in the PBH Free Fringe brochure, flyering, spreading the word generally. We also did a couple of guest slots at other shows so were able to advertise at these. Since the venue was a bit further out it was less convenient for some punters when we were flyering, - but good if you caught them going on the way down the hill.

- Audience
Our first show was a Saturday night and we had pretty much a full audience that evening – around 35. We did a one-week run and numbers varied, particularly earlier on in the week – anything from 8 – 30.

- The show
Was an hour of character comedy by Helen O’Brien and I. We co-hosted the evening and shared the slot to perform our own individual material which was multi-character. Really pleased with how it went.

- Buckets
Pleasantly surprised by the amount people put in - it varied over the run.

- Technical set-up at the venue
There was a PA system to which you could hook up an ipod and control the sound from on stage, since the main controls were outside in the pub area. There were also a couple of mics. Generally these worked ok, but one night they were on the blink, so we did without half-way through our show. The room and audience were small enough to be able to do it on that occasion as it was a quieter weekday evening; you wouldn’t want to on a busy night like a Saturday when you’d be more aware of the sound from the adjacent room.

It’s important to note that there is no back stage area for anyone who needs to change off stage. Also props and costumes could be left at the venue in theory, but there is no secure lock up.

- Admin & Communication process
We arrived for the beginning of the second week and the venue had been set up in a very organized way by our fellow-performers.

- Further comments
A really great first experience performing with the PBH Free Fringe – thank you all!
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