15:30 Wireless Mystery Theatre

15:30 Wireless Mystery Theatre

Postby Kitty Thornton » 30 Aug 2011, 10:17

Wireless Mystery Theatre – The Globe Bar - Fringe 2011

We stage old-time radio plays, as if in the 1940's studio environment. Our sound effects and music are performed live. Our sound and space requirements are therefore a little unusual.

We performed a half run (10 performances) in The Globe Bar on Niddry Street, at 3.30pm.

We found the bar staff to be helpful and courteous at all times. Special mention goes to venue captain Matt Panesh, who was a real gent and very helpful.

The bar itself is quite small, but fine for our purposes. The performance area is curtained off from the bar. It seats about 30, if really packed. The stage is very small, maybe 10 ft by 1ft. This is fine for stand ups, but we’re a company of 8! We didn’t all go on the stage in the end. We used some of the floor space in front of the stage. This was fine too. There is a bit of noise overspill from the main bar area, as it is a sports bar, but it wasn’t a big problem for us either.

The sound system is reasonable for stand ups, but not the best for our kind of performances. We were able to work with it though. Putting a monitor in the back created a feedback loop. The PA would have been fine had we been able to get hold of a bigger mixing desk. That said, our show has unusual sound requirements. We got on fine though and made the best of it.

The bar had a couple of storage cupboards that we were allowed to use which was very useful.

The bar is well places for foot traffic. We had full, or almost full, audiences every day. It opens at around one, if you want to drop gear off before flyering. The bar itself is very quiet during the afternoon, but reasonably busy at the weekends.

Overall we had a great experience in The Globe and as part of PBH’s Free Fringe. We were delighted to be involved and very grateful to PBH and all of the team for the great work.
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Re: 15:30 Wireless Mystery Theatre

Postby Ali Maloney » 13 Sep 2011, 13:50

This was an absolutely fantastic show; i'll be keeping an eye out for when I can next see you.

Wish I'd caught the day when you did the Lovecraft stories.
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