18:00 Original

18:00 Original

Postby DenisKrasnov » 10 Nov 2011, 03:37

- The venue
the venue is a pub. it's a sports pub. on the day of a game it gets packed and very noisy.
:D the location is ideal -- close to royal mile, easy to direct people, a lot of lazy walk-ins.

- The performance area -
the room is in an arch and is separated from the bar by a curtain.
:( people told me repeatedly that in the back you cant hear the performer because of the noise. i say it again -- noise is a huge problem.
:D elevated stage.
:( no spotlight. bad lighting. audience feels too exposed for the purpose of an intimate comedy gig. no way to black-out the stage before the entrance. no way to start-stop music from the back -- the player is plugged directly into the speaker on stage.
full capacity 50.
:P people can walk in and out without disturbing the performance. most seats are facing you. standing room and tall stools in the back

- The team of staff at the venue -
:D stuff is great

- How you advertised your show -
both brochures and flying.
:shock: i've got the most people from the PBH FF brochure (big cheer to Peter and everyone who worked on the brochure!)

- How your shows went in terms of audience numbers -
:evil: on the day of the game -- forget it!
:x on a rainy day attendance drops drastically.
:D full on weekends -- not from flying, just stray people and left-overs from the previous show.
average 5-15 people. full house twice, only once i had over 30 people who seemed to be there for my show.
:cry: lots of foreigners.

- Your show itself -
:?: hard to open because there's no separation or sound or light or any other theatrical way to announce the beginning of the show,
:| too many distractions for anything cerebral

- Buckets -
:roll: over a score once, minimum 40p, average 5-10 quid, one day i had 30 people and i've got 4 quid.

- Technical set-up at the venue -
:? sound bleed, feedback, the speaker overloads (so you have to switch it off and back on again) easily
:| stage is not lit enough, no way to turn of the music without walking on stage.

- Admin & Communication process (between Free Fringe, Captains, Venues and you) -
:P smooth

- Any other learning points for anyone involved -
:!: the free brochure is the main advertising tool. make sure that the description is very clear, so people know what to except.
:!: it's not a theater venue. it's impossible to establish the character when in the beginning you just walk on stage and switch the music off
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Re: 18:00 Original

Postby Eddie Naessens » 20 Feb 2012, 14:17

This is clearly set out Feedback - precise, to the point, and what a way to use smileys :-) Makes it very easy to get a picture of what to expect. Well done Denis, found this very useful,
Eddie Naessens
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