8.20pm The News At Kate 2011

8.20pm The News At Kate 2011

Postby KateSmurthwaite » 11 Oct 2011, 16:29

Ciao Roma is a lovely venue. It's a smart, classy Italian restaurant.
The performance space is downstairs. Seats about 63 (less if you take out front row seats to allow for more performance area but I often squeezed in 90 by having people sit on the floor or stand at the back. It's bit long, thin and low ceilinged but the potential issue is fully resolved by having a quality sound system which we did from day one.
The staff were awesome - couldn't be more helpful. Had already distributed my flyers to all their Edinburgh restaurants before I even got to town. All performers got discounted food and warm friendly treatment. Staff were happy to remove problem audience members. Only slight issue was both my show and the restaurant were so busy some weekend nights that people gave up queueing for beer and watched the show without.
Advertising via fringe brochure plus 10,000 flyers. Distributed by me, plus some hired flyerers. Plus I had PR support (Claire Walker, awesome).
The show was busier on weekends and in better weather but never below 40 and usually full (i.e. 63+)
Nothing much to report about the show itself, went well, I was happy with it.
Lowest bucket £45, highest £128.
One small issue was accumulation of flyers and rubbish in the room. Staff were often too busy to help and (without being too specific) I would suggest in future if you plan to hand out free pickled goods to your audience, you don't then leave them precariously perched by the stairs with the lid off resulting in the whole venue smelling of pickles!! But that should be obvious! :)
I didn't hear about our tech and so I showed up at a previously scheduled time and wasted a fair bit of time waiting for a tech that wasn't happening. Another time I think venue managers need to actually ring each show in their venue in July and have a quick chat - could have sorted lots of stuff out and approached Aug ready to work as a team.

I would recommend for future (1) YES YES YES - Ciao Roma is a great venue, I will definitely consider coming back if I can. (2) Mention on your flyers that the venue does great food and ice cream, etc. Punters can ring up in advance and book a pre-show or post-show table and Franco and his team are happy to make sure they time things to support people coming to shows.
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