15:20 Footlights Present...

15:20 Footlights Present...

Postby Phil Wang » 21 Mar 2012, 18:03

Ciao Roma is an Italian Restaurant on South Bridge. The venue itself is in the underground bar area and can seat about 70 people. This worked very well, as the restaurant was able to operate above as normal without disrupting any shows.
The venue was on the whole, very good. There is no stage, just a space at one end of the room. The room is however, quite long, and seats are not raked. Audience at the back therefore sometimes found it difficult to see what was going on.

The staff are helpful and stay out of the way. The manager, Franco, was an excellent host, and was always happy to see us doing well with audience numbers. He even gave us all a bit of free ice cream one day! As our show was purely stand up, our technical requirements were relatively low. We needed a sound system for music, a microphone, and light. The sound system was easy to use and effective, but the microphone stand quickly broke and was not replaced, which was a source of frustration, but not impossible to work with. Lighting was a bit of a problem, with a single light directly overhead that cast a shadow over faces. A couple of lights rigged in front of the space would improve the effect dramatically.

We got flyers for the show, but ended up not needing them. The Footlights name in the brochure was more than enough to ensure we packed it out everyday, having to turn down a lot of people on the door regularly. Bucket donations were generous on the whole, making a decent sum of money for the club at the end of the month.

'Footlights Present...' was a stand up showcase performed by members of the Footlights and any guests we invited to come perform. The line up varied every day, and so did the show.We're hoping to do the same this next Fringe.

Admin and communication between the organisers and the venue was very good. Everyone was responsive and there were no big issues that were not quickly resolved.
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