Thirty-seven ways of deceiving.... : 1805

Thirty-seven ways of deceiving.... : 1805

Postby PBH » 10 Oct 2011, 17:58

The actual title of this show is too long to fit in the header.

For remarks on the venue, see my other show. Everything ran smoothly.

Once again, I got away with it. I hope in future years to have a more devolved organisation, so I can have more time to work on my own one-man show. I felt I was working with material I cobbled together at the last minute. But The Scotsman gave it four stars and the antimatter rap bit usually went down well. If you have a show with only one gag in it, make sure it's a knob gag and save it until the end. The show improved as it went on and bits were dropped and others added. I can get away with doing this, but I would not recommend anybody else, especially newcomers, to arrive with a show that is under-prepared. I get away with it because my performance style suggests disorganisation anyway, and because I am fundamentally not a bad comedian.

Because I did not think the show as good as last year's, and certainly not was good as the year before's, I was reticent to plug the bucket. And, as I have said before, the less you ask, the less you get. It was enough, and the show covered its costs.

Another thing learned: do not rely on playing ambient music from one's laptop. Otherwise there's none playing as the audience come in. It's best to have a cheap CD attached to the PA that everybody can use.
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