Peter Buckley Hill And Some Comedians XV: 2135

Peter Buckley Hill And Some Comedians XV: 2135

Postby PBH » 10 Oct 2011, 17:32

As always, a positive experience at the Canons' Gait. The owner, management and staff are completely behind us and could not have been more helpful. A new manager this year, Alex, replacing Kevin, but no change in the excellent quality of support.

Full audiences throughout the run, with people turned away on many nights. The atmosphere at the Canons' Gait is the best of all our venues; it is neither the largest nor the best equipped, but has the warmest atmosphere, and I hope will remain our headquarters for many years yet.

The major disadvantage is the complaining neighbour. If the back door has to be closed, to avoid noise complaints, then the venue can and does become very hot and stuffy. The hotter it is, the more energy is drained from the audience and the more difficult it becomes to entertain them.

This show is the prisoner of its own format. Double-length by tradition, it has an interval, and many members of the audience choose to leave at the interval. Usually, more arrive at the interval, but the early leavers bypass the collection. I think many other Free Fringe shows get better buckets than this one. I more than covered my costs, though. In general terms, the bucket is always affected by what people say about it; the more you plug it, the more you get. I don't want the Free Fringe to become entirely about encouraging bucket donations.

The quality of the show and its guests was excellent.
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