3:45pm LLaugh Compilation show

3:45pm LLaugh Compilation show

Postby alcowie » 07 Nov 2011, 12:50

3:45pm LLaugh Compilation show

- The venue - what sort of venue is it? Pub, Bar, Club, Restaurant... What sort of clientèle normally frequent this venue
A private members club. Older crowd, supportive of my show.

- The performance area - stage, separate room, open air?
A separate room, with a small raised stage at one end. Windows were covered by foil that effectively blocked out the light. The room is very traditional working mens club with freemasonry type decoration, a picture of the queen and a picture of the Knights Templar.Seating worked well with low seats at the front, higher ones at the back.

- The team of staff at the venue - did they assist the shows? Did the show get in the way of the normal business etc?
Very friendly, exceptionally helpful. Went out of their way to help and seemed to enjoy us being there.

- How you advertised your show - Fringe brochure, flyering, posters, word of mouth etc
Word of mouth, flyering, posters, also wherever else I gigged I left flyers and told people.

- How your shows went in terms of audience numbers - solid numbers every show? Did it vary by day? Affected by weather?
Sometimes good but it varied, we were badly affected by 3 high profile shows happening next door at the same time as the show. Although it was generally tricky to get people through the door (and difficult to see a pattern between effort made and audience size) I worked extremely hard and managed to get a workable audience for every show.

- Your show itself - what worked, what didn't work, what needs to change
What worked: similar show to last year, I had amazing acts on and it all worked. The audience seemed to have a great time.

- Buckets - we don't need accounts, but how were the donations to the buckets - bad, good, generous
Poor this year compared to last year. Lots of people walked out without paying anything and the quantities were smaller from those that did, often just pennies.
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