Totally Ninja- 16:50

Totally Ninja- 16:50

Postby David_Alnwick » 14 Oct 2011, 09:42

Talk about awesome. Belushi's staff are beyond lovely, some of the nicest and most helpful people at the fringe. The venue Itself on first glance is challenging. The bar covers the whole right hand side of the venue, then a couple of steps leads up to a slightly raised area which is cordoned off by a rail which making it a little difficult for audience sitting by the bar to see. That small area has the capacity for no more than ten seats. All in all the venue could fit 45, with some sitting, although on the last day we got just over 60 (people were all standing). Admittedly though this logistics problem seems to fade away when the show begins. They have curtains which block out some of the windows giving the venue a little more of a performance edge. The speakers they had weren't perfect by any means but they got the job done. Overall when the show got started and I got used to the space it turned out to be a very workable venue, id say 7/10.
We promoted the show in newspapers (Edinburgh evening news and Daily Record) through the catching thieves with magic story which hopefully drummed up some general publicity for the free fringe in general. We handed out flyers just around the corner of the venue by the station, around mid day there was a solid flow of people and there is no-one else flyering there. We often solely handed out free fringe programmes. I asked the audience each night to give a show of hands as to why they had came, usually a scattered few through my flyers and just walk ins, a solid quarter because of the free fringe programme, another quarter had seen me perform elsewhere at the festival and the rest by word of mouth. We filled the place every night, never any less than 30. Usually 40-45 and we had to turn people away on most days. The bucket was generally very good.
The show evolved a lot during the festival, mainly in the first week. For the first 4 days i had a guest spot middle act but I cut that as in wasnt working. More of my stand-up became interlaced with the show as it progressed. Overall I thought it went pretty bloody well and was happy to receive a 5 star review.
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