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22:45 Brady, Brush & French - A Triple Action Stand-up Show

PostPosted: 12 Sep 2011, 20:18
by peter brush
The Venue – Bar 50 is a bar underneath a hostel. A lot of the clientele at the time of our show tended to be backpacker type people who were staying in the hostel returning at the end of the day. This was more the case during the week, at the weekends it was much busier and the clientele were more varied.

The Performance Area – An area in the corner of the room was purpose built to create the performance area. This was made from wood blocks, cardboard was used to wedge above these blocks for sound proofing. The size and intimacy created in the space was lovely, though it did get rather hot and uncomfortable on occasions, as ventilation was not great. Sound proofing was just about adequate, but was still a concern at times, especially on weekends when we sometimes had to battle a lot of background noise in the main bar.

Staff at the Venue – We didn’t encounter any real problems with the staff at the venue and found them to be helpful when needed.

How Show Advertised – We were in the main fringe and PBH programmes. We used Twitter and would usually flyer around an hour before the show. I’m not sure how useful all our other forms of advertisement were, but a very sizeable amount of our audience seemed to come having seen us in the PBH programme, which we agreed was an excellent resource.

Audience Numbers – Barring a few shows, mainly towards the end, we had a rather decent turnout. Not sure how much weather played into it, we didn’t really notice much difference on rainy days. Was a little easier to fill at the weekend.

Show – The show comprised two of us (Brush & French) doing stand-up, with a guest spot (replacing Brady) each night. Some nights we found harder than others, but in general we were both satisfied with the run.

Buckets – In the main the audience were fairly generous, occasionally surprised by the odd night but usually felt that the bucket was generally a reflection of how well the show had gone.

Admin/Communication – Felt there were too many non-essential emails being sent by free fringers, though obviously there are no problems with receiving genuine requests for help and emails from PBH.

Thanks again to everyone at the Free Fringe who made it happen.