18:00 The Comedy Bee Presents...

18:00 The Comedy Bee Presents...

Postby Alan Sharp » 01 Dec 2011, 21:09

This was the second year I have been involved in a show in this venue, and I have to say that I was quite disappointed with how things went. This was mainly as a result of the bar having changed its configuration so that a pool table was occupying what had been part of the venue area from the previous year, and the venue was unable or unwilling to move this. As a result, instead of a dedicated area being cordened off in a straight line, the temporary venue had to be built in a corner of the room, making the walls unstable, as a result of which the venue itself deteriorated seriously over the course of the run. On top of this, on the final day of the run we had a serious problem with the patrons of the bar at the pool table who were very drunk and had decided to play a game where they would run into the show, shout something and run out again. This was something we could have done with the venue staff dealing with.

The location on the Cowgate is fine for flyering, although it was a problem being close to, and at almost the same time as, two other similar variable act shows, so that we were effectively competing against each other for the same audience. As such, audience numbers were quite mixed throughout the run, with some days managing to fill the place comfortably, and others having just a handful of patrons.

Also unhelpful was having no dedicated place to leave flyers and brochures. Last year the table just outside the entrance to the performing space was given over to us for this, but this year if we left anything on the table it would be cleared off by the venue staff. Another thing to note, and this is more for performers at other shows to show a bit more consideration, was that we only had three drawers in which to store flyers etc, and two of these were completely occupied by huge boxes of flyers from just one show, meaning everyone else was sharing a single drawer, and I had to keep mine in the venue area itself and just bring enough out for the next day after the show each day.

I think this could be, and was, an excellent venue when configured the way it was two years ago, but this year it didn't really work. This is no reflection on Sarah, the venue captain, who did an excellent job and was receptive to everything, but more on the management of the venue itself who seemed much less receptive to our presence than they had been the previous year.
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