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THE BANSHEE is an awesome venue to perform at, the staff were incredibly supportive, our room was lovely and getting-in and getting-out was simple and easy every day.

If one thing could be improved at the Banshee, it is how clear they mark out which performance rooms are which - I had a few problems with friends coming to see our show but instead being misled to another room to watch another comedian perform.

The Music Room is an a brilliant room for comedy and lends itself well. It has two spotlights, two microphones, two speakers and an ipod plug to play music through. It was simple and easy to tech. It seats about 50 people though on busy days you can pack about 80 people in.


Our time 12:50 until 1:50 every day was originally very difficult to fill and was not an easy one to get audiences for. This was because The Royal Mile tended to be quieter at this time and most people when we flyered told us they were planning to have lunch before seeing a 2pm show.

However, by the end of the run, due to the positive reviews we had received in our first week, our show did pack out to full houses every day - despite the difficult time, it worked out well.

Audience size in the first week averaged at 7-10 audience members a show. On our worst day we had four people in, two of which were drunk and heckled. After our first week the audience doubled to 20 people per show and eventually in our last week of performing we had a full house/standing room only on most days.


On average Masud and I made about £10/15 each from the bucket on most days - Takings were highest per audience member on the days with less audience.

We found by emphasising that we were doing this for free and telling them about how supportive the PBH Free fringe was, they were more inclined to give money.


Masud and I flyered from 10 until 12:30pm every day on The Royal Mile - by the middle of the run we noticed that the majority of our audience were there because of the PBH Free Fringe programme, reading our Reviews and word of mouth.

The location of the Banshee meant that our most effective plan was standing on the corner of the street, usually ten minutes before our show started, and manically scooping audience members down into our venue.

Weather affected audience size massively, when it rained in our first week the audience was so huge it was standing room only. Dry and sunny days tended to be the hardest to encourage audience to come into The Banshee.

When the audience would come into the venue, we would welcome the audience in, give them flyers for the show starting after us, alongside giving them each a copy of the free fringe programme. We found this worked well as they had time, before the show started, to browse the programme in a calming atmosphere - rather than the wildness of The Royal Mile.

After the show we would hand out programmes again to those who had missed them.


Despite being both Masud and I's debut to the Edinburgh fringe, the show had a very successful run and got stronger and stronger every day.

We would both flip a coin at the beginning of the show to work out who was going to perform first, this was a light hearted piece of audience interaction.

We would then both perform 20=30 minute sets each. Due to how Masud and I have such contrasting styles of performance the show worked well as we both covered a wide variety of material in our own unique styles.

On our fifth day of performing we received a 3 Star review from Edinburgh Fringe Review, and eventually received two Four Star reviews from One4Review and Three Weeks. These positive reviews really encouraged larger audiences to come.


Overall, the experience was remarkable, unforgettable, incredibly challenging and so useful for Masud and I as new comedians to the fringe and the circuit.

I would love to perform at The Banshee again as it is such an awesome venue.
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