22:15 Simply the Jest

22:15 Simply the Jest

Postby Tristan Rogers » 09 Feb 2012, 19:23

Simply the Jest are a nine person sketch troupe from Exeter, Devon and we performed at the Banshee Labyrinth as part of PBH's Free Fringe between the 17th and 27th of August 2011. Overal the experience was a very positive one. The Banshee Labyrinth is just that, a bit of a labyrinth. However, the music room is very easy to find, just down a flight of stairs by the entrance. After walking down the spiral staircase and walking along a short door-less corridor, you reach the music room, which has a stage at one end a bar along one side and a small tech area at the back. We seemed to be able to fit around 50 people into the 'auditorium' area occasionally with some people standing or sitting on the front of the stage. We used the corridor as a backstage area and that worked out pretty well for us. The audiences were consistently good, only once out of the 11 nights did we not fill every seat, something which we expect was due to the coupling of a late start time and the venue being a pub. Its location being relatively close to the royal mile must have also helped somewhat as well and it was a well recognised free fringe venue, hosting 3 different rooms, which may have lead to audience members drifting throughout the rooms in the labyrinth. We had relatively minimal contact with the Banshee's staff but on the odd occasion we had to ask them anything we found them to be very obliging. We advertised our show mainly through the 5000 fliers we had printed which we handed out daily on the royal mile. we also did our best to utilise various media such as our website and facebook to promote our show as best as possible.We were also in the Fringe brochure. The show itself was well received by the audience, which was reflected in their donations, which worked out as enough to pay for the lunches of each of the performers and our tech manager each day. However, we did struggle to get in reviewers, despite our best efforts at badgering them, perhaps in the future we'll look at engaging with them earlier, although it'll always be a challenge to get them in. The technical set up was good, our technician tells us that it was easy to use but it was limited in terms of what lighting was available, however for most comedy shows that won't be an issue. Sound was playable through a standard AUX lead that could be plugged into any laptop or MP3 player. the communication was generally good, our producer was able to contact the venue captain when needed, although that only arose once, when asking about what the space was like. It would hav been useful perhaps to have had some images or diagrams of the venue available before we went up so it was easier to plan around the space but I appreciate that that would have caused a bit of an admin headache. That aside we can happily report that we had a fantastic Free Fringe experience and hope to return to Edinburgh with PBH in 2012.
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