You For Coffee - 15.10

You For Coffee - 15.10

Postby Elise Harris » 15 Sep 2011, 10:51

We had no problem getting audience for this show and largely had a good time doing it. There were technical problems in the first few shows with video etc so we dropped the video and re-thought the setup. It was easier and less stressful this way.

One thing is: Ten minutes is not a long enough time between shows in this room. With the fire door closed there is really only one entrance/exit, right near the front door and with a narrow, twisty stairway. If the prevuious show overruns by even a minute or two it becomes very hard to do door control as the audience from the last show has to squeeze out and if there is a queue for the next show they have to be kept above ground and out of the way of the exit - which is very hard even if there are only a few people waiting to get in and out. 15 or even 20 minutes between shows would help alleviate this problem. There also needs to be more co-ordination with the shows in the cinema room so the let in/out times are not at the same time. The corridfor can get very full, especially during popular shows. The Banquetting Hall shows are less of a problem as people can get to them a different way and do not have to queue in the corridors, though they still have to get through the throngs.

There is a good technical set up in the room, though shows here should still try to keep technical requirements to the minimum.

It is a great, friendly and welcoming venue and ideal for two person shows though shows with more than three might struggle as there isn't much room for them to wait offstage with a bar and audience in there as well!

The fire door was noisy and other performers and staff tended to open and shut it to get through to the other side during shows. If it was left open there was too much bleed-through noise from the pole dancing room and other venues, and also people would have been more inclined to use it as a thoroughfare (and it is next to the stage and in full view of the audience so this would also be distracting).
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