HYDRONOMICON, 6-27th, 1930

HYDRONOMICON, 6-27th, 1930

Postby Ali Maloney » 13 Sep 2011, 13:43

Venue / Staff / Performance area
The Banshee Labyrinth is a wonderful place and the staff are way beyond helpful. It is a joy to hang out there.
Over last year, the Banqueting Hall was less dingy, better lit and had a better sound system and, consequently, much better to perform in.
As last year, there is problem of noise spilling into the room as the corridor it is off is often filled with people drunkenly talking, especially late at night.
One particular incident was problematic: one night two junkies came in and sat up the night drinking their own booze and talking throughout the whole thing; about half-way through they started to grope the girls in front. Obviously they thought that this was a sfae place to hide from the pub bouncers. A downer, but no-one got knifed :-)

Advertising / show numbers
I think we benefited greatly from being genuinely unique in the fringe (if i may be so bold), drawing heavily upon bouffon (a very black style of clowning), hip-hop and lovecraftian ideas, the show drew in audiences purely based on those things.
We did a Fresh Air FM slot to begin which I was very proud of, however they never archived it so I can't comment on how that might have affected us.
Great reviews in Scotsman, ThreeWeeks and Edfringereview.com (although their reviewers did not turn up until 5 minutes before the end of the show).
We were in the main Fringe guide, had A5 flyers printed (no posters) and the PBH brochure.
Audiences were generally very good, with most nights being near capacity. However, the bucket was never as great as I would have liked.
WE also performed regularily (as a hip-hop group) around Edinburgh ove
It was concious decision to write the asking of donations into the show (quite frankly, i find the whole "it's free to get in but we charge you to get out", "if you don't donate we'll killy you, no only joking, no we're serious" etc kind of approach unfathonabley obnoxious). We averaged a lil' under £30 per night.
I am not sure what has happened to flyering on the Royal Mile, it used to be a fun, 'happening' place to be. It is now seems to be comprised only of people flyering and publicising their show. I am not sure why this is.

The show itself
I am very proud of what we created and I feel we did push what is theatrically possible in the space.
We are currently editing video footage of the show together and will be actively trying to take it on tour. (If anyone has any advice they wish to share on this matter, please get in touch.)

Admin & Communication
Quite frankly, the PBH communication structure needs to be addressed.
I was absolutely sick of the amount of spam that filled up my inbox over August. It was thoroughly unprofessional. Am I wrong in thinking that just because it is a 'free' festival, we are not liable to professional practice and courtesy?
I would be reluctant to feature on a contact list in future.
I appreciate that there are important and urgent communications that need to be escalated, but 'Official' mails should be sent without all the reciepients visible, all general chit-chat should be done on the forum.

Some general thoughts about the Spoken Word section in general
Around January/February the spoken word captain dropped completely off the radar, and I volunteered to step in and help clean up / fill the slots.
The spreadsheet was a mess and even once the Fringe had started I was being contacted by groups who had been promised a slot but nothing had been done to indicate this anywhere in the PBH organisation and so, consequently, I/we had no way of knowing about.
Thankfully, everyone was accomodated, albeit with some amount of compromise on behalf of many people. I am very glad that everyone pitched in in this respect.
The spoken word section was stressfully rescued rather than coherently co-ordinated. I do not place blame but it would have been really nice for the previous section captain to apologise and/or explain.
I cannot comment on the Royal Oak as a venue as I was not performing there, but it is good to know in future that having a PA in there is very difficult, and so suits the SW acts who are acoustic and laid-back; a nice counter point to the more raucous and punk-y poets who suit the Banshee Labyrinth so well.
6th - 27th August, 1930, The Banshee Labyrinth
...a Lovecraftian clown rap apocalypse...
~you will get wet~
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