Gadd, Kirk and Winning: Well, This is Awkward

Gadd, Kirk and Winning: Well, This is Awkward

Postby mattywin » 23 Jan 2012, 16:17

SHOW TIME: 1:45pm (1 hour show)

SHOW CATEGORY: stand-up Comedy.

Bannermans is a very popular alternative Rock Bar in central Edinburgh. The people who normally frequent the bar may differ with time of day. Can be quite during daty but busy later. Always tends to be plenty of people in it though.

Found that there was generally a large crowd for our shows, moreso on the weekends. This was pretty good given the time of day. Obviosuly will depend on your show though and weather affected crowd size and mood though this was no surprise.

The staff at Bannermans are great. The tech guy was extremely helpful and best to let him know your requirements and come in early if any changes are needed. As mentioned elsewhere they run music gigs at the venue so the staff are used to shows taking place.

Can be a tight squeeze getting in and out if busy.

There is a seperate room which is fairly large. Best to pack people as close to front as you can. Sometimes we ran out of seats
The stage can accomodate a few people. We occasionally had all 3 performers on stage with no problem. Think any more might be an issue
The lighting is more setup for bands so can make it more difficult that normal comedy gigs but its not a huge problem and given all the other positives then Bannermans is overall an excellent Free Fringe venue

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