1:45 PM, Ben Target in Discover Ben Target

1:45 PM, Ben Target in Discover Ben Target

Postby Ben Target » 09 Jan 2012, 19:33

PERFORMERS: Ben Target (featuring Dec Munroe)

SHOW: Ben Target in Discover Ben Target
SHOW TIME: 1:45pm (39 minute show)
SHOW CATEGORY: Comedy, solo show.

Bannermans is one of Edinburgh's leading live music bars. It opens from midday except on Sundays and is situated at the bottom of Niddry St on the corner with Cowgate. The pub has an illustrious history and plenty of nooks and crannies. It is a haven for rockers and metalheads, apparently. The performance room is the band room through the back of the pub close to the toilets. It is a large space that comfortably holds 50, though there are often only enough chairs for 30. There is plenty of standing space. It has a speaker system and plenty of PAs, amps and a drum kit - all on stage and owned by the bar. There is a tech booth at the back. There is an AC unit above the stage and a set of dim lighting units hanging from the middle of the room where there is also an arch which partially obstructs views for any audience sitting at the side near the back. There is a large stage at the end of the room.

Takings from the bucket depend on your audience and show quality.

1. Venue staff are fantastic. Especially Chris, the band room booker and manager. They are kind, supportive (often coming to watch shows), help clean the room and when asked politely allowed all performers to store props, flyers and other belongings neatly in the cupboard next to the bar. As the bar staff run gigs at the venue the staff are used to dealing with performers and often have technical skills to help out.
2. Large room with wonderful atmosphere when full, low light, low ceiling.
3. Great location just off the busiest section of the Mile but where a lot of prospective audience members pass.
4. Close to Canon's Gait and other PBH's Free Fringe venues.
5. Bar serves good food and drink to entice audience members inside.
6. Large stage caters well for performances and also happens to be set up for rock bands so is a great space already.

1. The lighting is low and there's not a great deal that could be done to change this bar rigging and buying another set of lights and gaining permission from the bar to set them up.
2. Tight Space between room and bar so audience does overspill into pub which if not moved quickly enough into the bar space can annoy the staff because of the blocking.


A wonderful venue, with wonderful staff; set up to host performances. About as good as you get on PBHs Free Fringe. We would recommend this to strong solo performers and sketch groups and shows which have a popular following.
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