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Promo Films from £140!
Show Films from £150!

Performing at The Fringe and don’t have a film to use as promotion?...Owch! Fear not, as we've designed some Fringe specials that are literally, easy as 1,2,3. Take the time, it will save yours and your cash! Choose a filming option, choose your edit length and add them up! Want something bespoke? No probs, simply let us know.

Plan your film with 3 easy steps then email to hours) or call the office on 0141 333 65 85(office hours)

Recommended by Comedy Sketch Baby: "The Befour Team, totally awesome, value for money and tailor made to your specification... Here's what they offer: Affordable Fringe Show Filming for you!"

Start here:

Step 1 - Filming

Q: Are you wanting a promo film and/or your entire Fringe show filmed?

A1: Promo Film!
Good choice! You’ve worked too hard not to promote the shit out of your show!
- 1 Full HD camera
- 1 Experienced Befour Videographer (Fynn if you’re really lucky)
- Performer Radio Mic and Shotgun Mic

Promo (0-45 min Filming)- £60.00
Promo Plus (46-90 min filming)- £90.00
Promo Plus Some (91-120 min filming)- £120.00

A2: Fringe Show Film!
Even better! This is the gift that keeps on giving
- 2 x Full HD cameras
- 1 Befour Videographer
- Performer Radio Mic and Stage Mic
- Film light to make you shine

Show (0-45 MIN): £90.00
Show Plus (46-90 MIN): £120.00
Show Plus SOME (91- 120 MIN): £180.00
Pre Show Interview: £60.00

Step 2 - Editing

Q: What length and how many films do you fancy?

A1: Promo Film!
1 min: £80.00
2 min: £145.00
3 min: £215.00
4 min: £290.00
5 min: £360.00
Per min after:£55.00
Edit Cost

A2: Fringe Show Film!
Duration : Edit Cost
01-15 min: £60.00
16-30 min: £110.00
31-45 min: £160.00
45-60 min: £190.00
61-90 min: £260.00

Step 3 - Fringe Film Quote

Q: Do you want to be remembered?

A1: Yes!

Simply add your film choice and you edit choice together and email Fynn.

Example: My show is 45 minutes long and I would like the entire show filmed with 2 cameras and edited with titles and credits...

Your Filming Choice Is: Show (£90.00)
Your Editing Choice Is: 31-45 min (£160.00)
Total earth pounds you need to be a film star: £250.00

EMAIL or PHONE the Befour office (m-f, 9-5) on 0141 333 65 85.
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