The Improlympians are Keyser Soze 2008 Report

Performer reviews of their venues/shows/experience in 2008

The Improlympians are Keyser Soze 2008 Report

Postby the_improlympians » 05 Apr 2009, 17:07

Sorry it's taken so long in coming, but here's our feedback from last year: after taking various shows up to the Fringe for the last five years and having to shed out loads of money on venue costs, we decided to try the Free Fringe for the first time, and we're really glad we chose to do so, as it was a very successful year for us: almost all our shows played to packed houses (far more than ever turned up when we charged in previous years!), we got some very positive reviews, and it was generally an excellent experience.

Our venue, the Beehive Inn, was a great venue for our show: conveniently located, with a nice space and a good range of other shows on. The only slight issue was the potential fire hazard that was the 'backstage' area: there was hardly room to swing a cat in there, and every group's props and other bits and bobs got mixed in with everyone else's.

The overall atmosphere and ethos of the Free Fringe felt special and unique, and everyone we spoke to (both performers and punters) seemed very positive about the whole process.

We tried to support as many other Free Fringe shows as possible, and it was always interesting to see the quality of the other shows. It was disappointing, however, that some groups didn't seem to make much of an effort themselves to support their fellow performers: I'm not sure any other shows in our venue came to see us, despite us seeing all of them. This mutual support was the only thing that was lacking in our venue.

All in all, a thoroughly worthwhile and rewarding experience for us and we shall certainly be looking into applying to perform with the 2009 Free Fringe.
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