Report - 'Of MICS & Men' – Voodoo Bar, Haymarket (5.45

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Report - 'Of MICS & Men' – Voodoo Bar, Haymarket (5.45

Postby Nidal Agha » 14 Feb 2009, 13:34

We all had a highly positive experience and found the general organisation and support excellent.

The venue itself was small and intimate (capacity 30) and therefore was extremely suitable for new and inexperienced performers such as ourselves.

Alex (The Manager) and his staff were very easy-going and helpful. Everything was kept clean and tidy. I believe there may have been issues around inconsistent or late opening affecting the first show (Alison), however this did not impact on us since we were on much later in the afternoon.

Initially lighting wasn’t ideal, but this was quickly resolved by buying a new lamp and bulbs.

The only issue was the location. Haymarket is an over-ground train stop away from Edinburgh. While many may stay in Haymarket, there is never the traffic of people walking past the actual venue. The Mercat faired better as it was on one of the main thoroughfares to the city and next to bus stops. We designed A2 laminated signs to hold, which proved helpful in attracting people’s attention.

There is no doubt that there is a direct correlation between the amount of flyering and audience numbers; with 2 or 3 of us flying, each in different locations for a few hours, we were able to get reasonable numbers (12-22). On the days we spent only a couple of hours flyering we had 4–8 in the audience. The good news is we never had to pull a show due to numbers and performed every day from 3rd – 23rd.

Hard work and a steep learning curve, but overall an extremely positive experience all round. Thank you PBH.
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