Moonfish Rhumba Report Mad Dogs

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Moonfish Rhumba Report Mad Dogs

Postby Dan Lees » 12 Feb 2009, 16:47

Having only been performing our act for 6 months we found the experience invaluable, both challenging and rewarding. We’re very grateful to PBH and would highly recommend the Free Fringe.
However we encountered a number of problems with the venue. The stage area is lit by daylight and therefore not ideal. We brought blackout cloth to solve this issue, however the manager was not pleased and wouldn’t let us cover the entire area. The numbered free fringe sign was missing throughout our run, despite are continued efforts. The front door’s proximity to the performance space meant that the show was often interrupted by bar deliveries and people entering and leaving. On the upside the venue is centrally located, has an excellent P.A system and a very friendly South African barman.
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