Chris Cross is 'Escaping From Reality' - Show Report 2008

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Chris Cross is 'Escaping From Reality' - Show Report 2008

Postby Chris Cross » 11 Feb 2009, 02:59

I was located in the Nicol Edwards Banqueting Hall...

I'd never been before and when I saw the room I must admit I was disappointed, the first night I had about 15people in my show so I had a very negative outlook to last years festival at this point, then the room started filling up every night, i realised that i didnt need a mic, it was a full, intimate room and I LOVED it!!!
- So doubtful at first then I didn't want to leave! It was so so sad at the end of the festival! :(

The Staff were diamond, so much so that I had a few of the staff members visit me in Newcastle for a drink up just yesterday!!
Happy Days man! - Great time!

Being the last show on at 23:45-24:45 could be considered a challenge but it was in a great location and at that time of the night in Nicols on both weekends and weeknights it was party time! - so no problems filling the room did get VERY hot down there though!

Nicols closed down and has since re-opened and is apparantly 'not the same' both staff-wise and pub-wise which is a shame, though i haven't been back myself - ive just heard from numerous people that its not so good all the above info may be useless but i gave it a go!

Think thats all I have to say - great staff, a supprisingly great venue, well organised, good to actually meet PBH himself too in person, putting the emails to a face!
HIGHLY RECCOMMEND the Free Fringe - nothing bad to say really...

CXC (!)(x)...
All the Best,
Mr. Chris Cross

THE Rock'n'Roll Man of Comedy Cabaret
Chris Cross
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