Joe Rowntree's show report

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Joe Rowntree's show report

Postby joe.rowntree » 15 Dec 2008, 15:27

Joe Rowntree. Nicol Edwards Banquetting Hall, Niddry Street.

The PBH free fringe in August 2008 was a great experience for me. The venue was in a perfect location just off the Royal Mile with a vast footfall and plenty of people to flyer, this meant that the show’s, if flyered properly, at least 2 hours previously- were always respectable and often packed. The staff at Nicol Edwards were extremely affable and always willing to help.

The things that could be improved on for next year in this particular venue are minor, however anything to help bring the quality and reputation of the PBH free fringe to its optimum- the better.

Here are my opinions:

When we arrived the day before our show was due to start the venue wasn’t in the least bit ready. We had to gut it out, chop up benches and do a lot of manual labour. This was fine as this is what it’s all about- clubbing together and making things work; however certain people who should have stayed and helped decided to go and leave the work to others. So next year it would be good to make sure it was compulsory for everyone performing in that venue to make sure it’s in tip top shape before we start and do their bit.

Apart from that nothing else to add.
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