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Postby brian.west » 07 Dec 2008, 01:02

Here's our show report. Sorry for the delay.

The staff at the Dragonfly were generally friendly and helpful, and
supportive of the events. Only major hitch was they were not aware we
were coming in for the get-in the day before, which caused havoc and
confusion for the first 24 hours. Also, they wouldn't open up on Sunday
morning for the get-out, so we had to come back at midnight to collect
our equipment after the last Saturday show. You really don't want to be
in the Grassmarket on a Saturday night at midnight. The taxi driver had
to keep the engine running.

The venue sign was nicked during the first week, but the bar manager was
quick to order a new one, and he picked it up himself.

I think the venue would have worked better if the stage had been in the
opposite corner at the far end, rather than in front of the fireplace.
That way, the tech guy behind the curtain in the window alcove would
have had eyeline to the stage, and the backdrops could have been
arranged in a more smart and symmetrical fashion. (But no-one would
listen to little old me) All things considered, I see no reason why this
shouldn't be a Free Fringe venue again next year.

This venue should NOT have been used for a ROBIN INCE gig. Demand way
too high. Venue way too small. I had to stop people going in, and it
nearly caused a riot. From a queue of around 100 people, we ended up
with about 70 punters crammed into a 30 seater on a boiling hot day.
When I asked the venue if they could turn down the music in the bar, so
I could prop the doors open to let some air in during the show, they
refused. Ho hum. I tried. But Robin seemed happy and did a good gig.
Reluctantly, I held the damn bucket for him. He collected about £100.
Something tells me he doesn't need the money.

The show ahead of us (Cellar Club) generally left the venue looking like
the bedroom of a 13 year old. A total mess. We had to re-arrange chairs,
re-arrange curtains, etc. One evening we even had to re-rig one of the
curtains. They also generally over-ran by five to ten minutes.
When a mike stand was broken one day, whoever did it didn't bother to
replace it. I had to go out and buy a new one. Overall, most of the acts
at the Dragonfly reported decent audiences.

Our show went well. We only cancelled one gig (on that middle Tuesday
when it was pissing with rain) and our average audience was probably
around 25, with at least 6 "sell outs". We had around 30 guest acts,
mostly from the PBH Free Fringe, and we podcast every show via iTunes.
Average online audience for each show was about 3,000.

Here endeth the report. Hope that's useful

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