lemon custard - white horse

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lemon custard - white horse

Postby deecustance » 05 Dec 2008, 02:22

Lemon Custard was a limited run only on tuesday afternoons at the white horse.

Gotta say I really enjoyed this. I can't remember having technical issues other than precariously trying to balance my ipod with the jack thing and a stand and being a little bit personally inept at using a cd player.

I was happy with the numbers, got roughly 20ish each time, and an unexpected review from 3 weeks which was nice. I'd say maybe it was a 30/70 from people with flyers/brochure. I think the brochures were definitely the best selling point.

The bar manager was helpful, its a really great location as well.

I would say maybe a venue manager who could oversee a specific venue (or maybe a couple that were nearby) and be an anchor at the venues would be very useful, so that it would be a little less confusing, especially when you're trying to run a show on your own and can't physically be in all places at once.

I'd like to thank delete the banjax for all their help as well as the guest performers (neil hickey, Donnachah o'connaill, Antony murray, Graham thomas et al) and the ice cream makers and crankers, and pretty much everyone at white horse.
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