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Alison Bice - Voodoo Bar

Postby alison.bice » 28 Nov 2008, 02:50


- The room itself is a nice space
- Friendly staff
- Do not reccommend using this room for a highly technical show, but I'm sure it would be great for a straight stand-up or storytelling show.

Because its such a small room I don't think its neccessary to use microphone equipment (unless the act REALLY wanted it)


- 3:40pm is a tough time slot for a venue far away from the main attractions in terms of drawing a crowd. Weekends are ok though.

- Some of my equipment went missing after the staff had told us no-one would be using the room for any functions - the next night they had a 19th birthday party and didn't tell us

- Whilst the staff were friendly, I sometimes found them a little bit unreliable. For example (because I was on at 3:40 and had to set up props and things) I'd ask when they'd be open the next day. I'd rock up and no one would be there, so would be standing in the rain for 45mins waiting for someone to rock up.

- The door is next to the "stage" or performance area. It can be quite distracting when late comers arrive (especially when they keep arriving at different times). I sometimes had trouble with staff walking in and out for no particular reason during performances.
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