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Freeloader - show report

Postby jameshazelden » 22 Nov 2008, 12:47

The venue (Nicol Edwards) was excellent. The owner and all of the bar staff banded together to promote and talk up the shows and were happy and friendly. It was a pleasure to work with them. The room (the Nicol Edwards Banqueting Hall) was an excellent venue for my show – a small, intimate venue with good natural acoustics – it’s long, thin shape allowed you to take in the whole of the audience as you addressed them. It was easy to access for the audience but isolated from much noise from the other venue and the bar.

I did not use the sound system provided by the Free Fringe but I certainly could have. The venue leaked a little, and it was a little watery around the mike and leads, however the other acts used the mikes to great effect. I chose to not use the system because the room had a natural acoustics that was more informal and pleasant for the songs.

The Free Fringe booklet and promotion opportunities afforded were excellent, and I handed the booklet out when I was flyering. I noted many people “working their way” through the booklet and I believe it is an essential part of the promotion of the Free Fringe.

I had a fantastic run at the Free Fringe this year and I have very little complaints. I had great crowds for the entire run, and I am grateful to Peter and the rest of the Free Fringe team for giving an unknown Australian a chance to perform to an international crowd.

If I were to return (and I would love to!) I would suggest having a microphone stand with a cross arm available for myself (and other musicians who have to play guitar and sing) as the straight mike stand is a little trickier for a guitarist to sing into. But this is a very minor criticism and I could not have been more pleased with the event and the support I received from the Free Fringe and the other performers. It felt like a real community and unlike the competitiveness that usually arises among artists, we knew that one performer’s crowd could become your crowd the next night, so we were happy to help and promote and encourage each other’s shows.
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