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Kiosk Of Champions Report

Postby stuart.goldsmith » 21 Nov 2008, 14:29

We had an excellent time at the free fringe, in the Canon's Gait. We developed good relationships with the bar staff who were helpful re moving the fan around, which helped us cool the venue properly.

A lady stood and did some extra flyering for us at the venue, which was a very nice additional thing for them to have done, and much appreciated.

It really made a difference when Matt (from the show before ours) stood and pointed people down to our venue after his show. We also found it useful to have audience queueing in the bar upstairs before "opening the house", as it showed everyone nearby something was happening, which attracted the odd extra punter.

We didn't use the mics or music system (except for pre and post show, which as you know worked more often than not) so can't really comment. sometimes the space was tidy for us when we set up, sometimes less so. not to any great extent a problem.

The lights could have been easier to angle, as only one side of the stage was really lit well. We only realised this watching video back after the festival, or we'd have done something ourselves to resolve it.

I did find the website a bit visually "busy" and confusing, and as i mentioned before i didn't always hear back from Nick H in time to affect changes. Again, this was probably a mammoth task on his part, but i'd suggest appointing a helper to him if he thinks that's feasible.

And that's about it. We had an excellent time, and felt proud to tell people we were part of it.
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