One Thing After Another - Madogs

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One Thing After Another - Madogs

Postby tiani.ghosh » 18 Nov 2008, 16:00

All in all we had a very positive experience with the Free Fringe. Being in Edinburgh this year made it clearer than ever to me how the domination of the three major venues is destroying the spirit of the fringe and turning it into a commercial venture. The Free Fringe truly represents the ideals of creative freedom and giving new talent a chance to breathe.

We performed at Madogs on George Street, and whilst I look back on the place with fondness, we did encounter some logistical problems at the time. Madogs does not have a performance area that is separate from the bar, and is therefore a very open space. This meant that a lot of people were walking in and out of the venue during our show, not only members of the audience, but delivery men and other performers who came to collect their flyers from the venue.

Although we set up a seating area for the audience around the performance space, I think the openness of the space gave people the impression that they could sit anywhere in the bar and wander around during the performance.

I think that largely these issues go hand in hand with the openness of the space at Madogs. I think they were problems for us because we were performing an offbeat, idiosyncratic sketch show that required quite a high level of concentration from the audience. This meant that distractions were quite detrimental to our show. However, having said this, I think the space is well suited for both stand-up and shows with a lot of audience participation, as the openness of the space creates an easy-going atmosphere.

The staff were generally friendly and helpful, although there was one incident when the manager was chatting so loudly throughout the show that someone in the audience told her to be quiet.

Another issue I raise only because audience members kept commenting on it is the fact that the bar always had an extremely strong smell of bleach, perhaps because we had such an early slot and the cleaner had just finished cleaning.

Despite these logistical issues, we both had a great time performing at the Free Fringe and are grateful for the opportunity we were given to do so.
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