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Happy Now: Beehive

Postby helen.cripps » 05 Oct 2008, 23:51

Our experience with the Free Fringe was largely positive. People seemed to be excited about the idea of a Free Fringe and it was clear that more and more people were aware of it as an important part of the whole Fringe. The only problems we encountered were logistical matters at the venue: we were at The Beehive Inn, and in general, it was a great space. However, our main problem was that people would frequently walk in to our show up to forty-five minutes late, and due to the nature of our show, (a one hour comic play), this would often disrupt the flow, and then the people would often leave because they would have no idea what was going on. I think that people were under the impression that because it was free, it was sort of a 'drop-in event', which would work if the show was stand-up, but when this kept happening to us, it was quite detrimental to our show. Our best performances were when no-one came in during the show. We tried making a 'Performance in Progress' sign, but it obviously didn't look very official so people just ignored it. We thought there could be a way (i.e. an official sign) which prevented people from wandering in at the wrong moment, for shows of this nature. Staff at the venue would also walk through during the show, which we thought was unnecessary considering there is a private staircase for staff. But in general, the people at The Beehive were very nice and we had a great time being part of the Free Fringe.
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