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Alfie Moore - Voodoo Bar

Postby laughingalfie » 28 Sep 2008, 16:33

Hello Again Folks, It's the Copper blerk.
First thing to say is that I absolutely loved my time at the Fringe met some nice folk and had a ball. I even enjoyed playing to my audience of one man with long finger nails who never smiled but the show always went on. My average audience was 14 which I was chuffed with.
I always asked attenders how they heard of us and the majority were because of the The PBH Free Fringe Brochure (An absolute must I would say). Apart from the obvious flyering the guest spots helped enormously ( thank you Sowerby+Luff, Bob and PBH) and also walking around dressed like a twat did me no harm at all in the advertising stakes.
Reviews, had one bad and one very good but neither from reputable sources.
Venue, nice room, very helpful manager in Alex and all good except maybe the confusion caused by the bar choosing to open very late on the last day which I am sure was just a communication issue for which I accept responsibility.
I would have a good think about how I could coordinate things better next time, very difficult finding tackle missing or broken from the night before and no one has any knowledge very difficult to manage and I guess your relying on individuals integrity .Can I say that Joe and Mikey were top lads and most helpful for which I am very grateful.
I too lost equipment and am appalled by the number of others who had ( may they die on their arse a thousand times ).
I too would be happy to support either fund raising or tossing some money in the hat. The way I see it it would have taken me 18 months on the road to get the stage time and development that I did in this run for which I am grateful.
The only constructive feedback I would offer logistically is that the 10 mins allotted between the previous show finishing and clearing the room and setting projector up etc to start mine wasn't doable causing me to start late on occasions and so I would suggest 15 min minimum between acts is maybe more realistic.
Fab time and thanks to all involved.
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