Ladma vs. The World, Beehive, 18:30

Performer reviews of their venues/shows/experience in 2008

Ladma vs. The World, Beehive, 18:30

Postby Ladma » 22 Sep 2008, 14:42

First up, we had a really great time this year at the Fringe. We met some awesome people and would like to say a huge thank you to PBH, all else associated with the Free Fringe and everyone at the Beehive.

It was our first year at the Fringe and, as such, proved a steep learning curve. There are lots of things we would do differently but we can’t wait for next year. Our venue was excellent – the staff were brilliant, we had a backstage area, the room was a good size and shape and the flat screen was useful. The room was well sign-posted inside the venue but, like others have said, I think everyone performing at the Beehive could’ve done more to direct audience members towards the room both before and after shows. Our show finished at 7:30 and we were on before Bruce Fummey (doing a paid show). By this time the room was full of rubbish and empty glasses from the day’s previous shows and we had to spend about 15minutes clearing out. We did email all performers at the Beehive to ask them to help clear the room after their shows but it didn’t seem to happen. So, just making sure the room is relatively clear after each show would be great. I think an official meeting/drinks at each venue would be good as many people didn’t turn up for rigging on the first day so it was hard to communicate with other performers. Jed, the manager of the Beehive, seemed delighted with the experience and said, not only would he be happy to have the Free Fringe back next year, but that he would clear out more space backstage to give us more storage room.

The audience figures were generally good – we hit lulls on Mondays but, over all, we always had over 15 people and, at weekends, were filling the room up and sometimes people couldn’t get in. On average we had 20-25. We got good reactions, a four star review from Three Weeks and made more than enough money to pay for Fringe entry, all our fliers and posters (although sadly not enough to cover rent or beer money!). We found flyering fun though tiring and found it really useful to flyer other Free Fringe shows – particularly sketch shows. We had trouble with drunken hecklers only once and the only real problem was that we often had foreigners in the audience who couldn’t understand what was going on. In a horrible fascistic type way we eventually began only flyering people who looked English
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