Playing with Your Deck - 14:15 at the Phoneix

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Playing with Your Deck - 14:15 at the Phoneix

Postby Brenos Forkbeard » 21 Sep 2008, 05:30

I agree with previous comments re The Phoenix.

The staff were great but as there were no other venues close this year it was hard work. I understand two other venues operated nearby last year.

I was the second show in the day after the impro workshop and before Comedy Dublin (until the 17th). It was often slow that early in the day 14:15 (although I had no flyers until day 5 so that didn't help either). I was also not in the main program, which was my fault, but if I'm not organised in time to get in it next time I'll seriously think about waiting a year.

I did advertise in the daily guide a few times with a banner add, which was quite a cost effect option (unsure of its effect though). Although I had to check to make sure it was there each time and organise further adds when they forgot to include it.

I was also on at night for the first 5 days and generally had a crowd but I agree with the comment that they were locals who wanted a more rowdy and/or traditional stand up show than I provide.

I also agree with the comment that people seemed to appreciate taking the full brochure advertising over 100+ free shows. Well done on putting that together in such an attractive way!

Must say that next time I would design flyers which looked good in black and white and get them done in Edinburgh. Much cheeper and done on the day so no need to transport them there!

I also found it hard to judge how effective flyering was, but those people who did come in response to a flyer knew what type of show to expect.
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