CoolFun - Year 2 at FreeFringe

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CoolFun - Year 2 at FreeFringe

Postby Jez_S » 15 Sep 2008, 11:15

This is our second year at the same venue at the same time, 12:30 at the White Horse.

Firstly it should be said that whilst noticeably paid venues were struggling to get audience members in for lesser known acts, we were full 95% of the time. We flyered hard everyday, as last year, and were well rewarded by audience numbers and people who had come last year actively seeking us out. This shows just how much the Free Fringe is growing. We found that at the end of the show audience members were asking us to suggest other Free Fringe shows and asking for programmes. We also made sure we devoted a good part of our show ending to explaining the Free Fringe, encouraging the audience to stay on for Delete The Banjax and taking advantage of what the Free Fringe has to offer.

The White Horse is easily one of the best venues at the Fringe, free or otherwise. The owners Rab and Cathy are extremely friendly and always happy to help. Obviously its a small bar and its very important to plug the bar and drinks, at the beginning of the show and at the end. We always started a couple of minutes late just to make sure everyone who wanted to buy a drink could, and I think Rab and Cathy really appreciated this, and in turn were very helpful when we needed to ask something of them.

Having read the other posts here there are a lot of things I agree with and want to mention. Posters being torn down was not solely limited to the Nicol Edwards we found our posters being torn down from the front of the White Horse as well.

The prospect of high profile Free Fringe gigs is a good one and we think it should be actively pursued.

It really is unacceptable that PBH is having to spend so much. After the wonderful two years (and hopefully more) we've had the very least we could is give £25 as has been suggested....whether PBH accepts it or not is a different story!

As with the other excellent suggestions, comms comms comms people. I wonder if people who havent done the Free Fringe before are hestitant to suggest ideas etc because they dont feel they have the experience or prior knowledge... we even sometimes feel like that even though we've been very proud to be a part of it these past two years? Perhaps this is something others have noticed? It's always difficult to enter an organisation and know your place.

Also if anyone has a white audio jack to PA cable from The White Horse could they let me know? I should have, and stupidly, didnt label it.

Roll on 2009...
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