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Postby Jools Constant » 13 Sep 2008, 11:25

Had a great fringe and am hugely proud to be a part of such a great group of people.

I saw most of the shows on the Free Fringe and was amazed by the quality.

I was also amazed at how much better we are working together as a team and look forward to building on this progress next year.
Flyering[/u] during the hour prior to each show, adjacent to the venue proved very successful, we filled the venues comfortably, sometimes we had audience sitting on the floor too.

[u]We need more people helping PBH flyer his shows[/u] (as a mark of appreciation / respect for what he does for us) as he was often too busy / tired because of the work he was doing behind the scenes on our behalf.

The FF was far higher quality, better run and way more successful than the Laughing Horse side of things. PBH does not need to continue the war of words and volley of abuse in their direction, as the battle is already won and regardless of this, each camp has a place and each benefit the other by providing healthy competition and rivalry... [u]please stop the negativity.[/u] - it takes the shine of an otherwise great experience.

[u]Venue captains [/u]need to be more pro-active in making sure venues are run properly, and the rest of us need to play our part by clearing up after our show and making sure backdrops etc are in place.

[u]The White Horse landlord[/u] 'Rab' kept being quite abusive to 'english' patrons... one lady had the cheek to ask for a glass of water, to be told ''the show is free, so your not getting free water as well you english cunt!' He also stopped one of our shows half way through by whistling to audience members form the door and telling them very loudly that they must buy a drink and shouldn't expect fckin everything for free.

[u]Getting Equipment to Ed; [/u] it cost me an extra £80 and an added days travelling to collect and return equipment (£140 if you include me forgetting to pay the congestion charge. lol) I was offered £25 from the fringe pot, which never materialised... but I think that the venues using the equipment should have a whip round in future, just a couple of quid form each performer and this would have easily been covered without the need to resort to sprace FF funds. I am not griping about the cost or the time, I was happy to do it, but just think that he burden should be spread wherever possible.

[u]Cancelled shows [/u]if a show has been cancelled, who ever takes over the spot must agree to run it properly, even if that entails using photocopies / hand made flyers.. it was disspointing for members of the public to turn up for a show only to find it cancelled and the replacement show then had about 5 audience.

all over Ed regardless of who was running the venues, paid and free, there were many rooms which were far too warm / stuffy to be comfortable. I saw several shows which were top class, but found myself agitated or falling asleep due to he [u]heat and poor ventilation[/u] (and this was during poor weather) If you know you have one of these venues next year, why not club together with the other acts performing there and hire a protable aircon unit for the month... Im sure it would easily pay for itself with alert audiences, better reactions, better reviews etc etc
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Postby danny.worthington » 13 Sep 2008, 12:15

Jools said - I was offered £25 from the fringe pot, which never materialised...

Hi Jools, offer still stands, just never had £25 in my wallet at any point that I saw you. Send me an address I can post it to you. (or paypal it if you prefer)


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