Fringe Report- Freestyle Comedy

Performer reviews of their venues/shows/experience in 2008

Fringe Report- Freestyle Comedy

Postby Chris Martin » 12 Sep 2008, 10:47

This year was generally quality.

The venue staff were lovely and the room was great (NE music lounge). room was almost always full and the spirit of the Free Fringe was shown by the audience in general (looking to have a great time for minimal cost)

At the start we could have done with a few more chairs but that was soon solved. Maybe a monthly gig where everything taken on the door goes towards mic's cd player etc would be the best idea as different people contributed a different amount of money and equipment.

I know this report is only short and sweet but it was a thoroughly enjoyable year and I want to thank Peter as well as many others for helping it to be a great month.


Chris Martin
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