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Bob Slayer @ The Standing Order 6:30

Postby bobslayer » 11 Sep 2008, 03:41

Well as no magazine chose to review our show it is nice to have the opportunity to to review it ourselves!

We had a wonderfully enjoyable first Edinburgh - I wish we could have helped out more generally in the run up to the fringe - but we were a little bit concerned with what the hell we were doing! We will be better placed next year...

The venue staff were great and I have kept in touch with them since.
Really helpful and ameniable to any requests... Big thank you to Paul Ricketts for hs venue captain role - he was most excellent...
What was really lovely was how all the shows seemed to get to know each other - a few from earlier shows appeared on our stage and were great... Sorry to anyone who we ran out of space for particularly Jonathan!

Jake Japp who was after us was excellent too and it was a pleasure to announce that people should stick around for his show as he was one of the shows we saw on the fringe... and them Mr Methane one of the most bizarre!

I will put my thoughts on general issues on the post that has started to attract them so they are all together

Thank you to everyone - especially to Peter

And one last slightly plugging thing - due to the confidence we gained at Edinburgh we are putting on a regular night at Dirty Dicks in Liverpool St
If anyone would like to come down it would be great to see faces
1st Oct is the first and thereafter the first and third weds of the month...
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