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Pay Peanuts - The Beehive

Postby john.smith » 08 Sep 2008, 12:12

Brilliant room, very helpful manager.
There were constant technical difficulties with a radio mic being in place for the first few day but it seemed either the battery in the receiver or in the mic was dead by the time we got to perform each night.
We bought a normal mic and mic lead which worked for a while but then the amp ceased to work due to a problem with the plug (the mic and mic lead disappeared with a couple of days left and not sure where but that's not a problem).
This was a blessing in disguise as we found things worked better once we accepted that the PA was not going to work and built part of this into our act.
The previous act to us was not part of the PBH Free Fringe and consistently over ran (typically 10 to 15mins) which meant that unfortunately for Charlie Ross who was on after us it meant that a handful of times we also over ran by 7-8mins as we had to do some set up for the show.
Numbers varied massively with sometimes only a handful of people and other times 60-70.
This show was a real roller coaster with it either going brilliantly or awful for the first 2 weeks but by the last 8-9 days it went well consistently.
We will probably be looking to do a similar type show again next year and would happily have the same venue.
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