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John Smith - Sick & Twisted Nicol Edwards Music Lounge

Postby john.smith » 08 Sep 2008, 11:48

Venue was great with bar staff / owner very helpful and Alexis doing a great job as venue captain.
The music lounge was a lovely intimate space and ideal for the type of show I was doing.
My audience sizes were typically between 20 and 40 depending on the day and how much flyering had been done but found 40 people too many for the room as it got very hot (luckily the weather was terrible otherwise it could have been hotter).
Overall a highly enjoyable experience and given the chance would love to use the same venue again next year (1 great review, 1 not so great review).
There are a few comments to make regards some very small issues with the venue (these are not complaints just observations as they did not make a great deal of difference for me personally)
There were a few ocassions when I turned up and the mic wasn't working but that was not a huge problem given the size of the room.
An issue with external noise during my show was due to the entrance to the banquetting hall having a gate rather than a door and being so close to the rear door of the music lounge. My show was interupted on most days if the other shows had a particularly noisy section or when the audience left / arrived for the other show given the staggered start of the 2 rooms (not a criticism of the other shows as this was inevitable given the physical layout of the venue).
The show before me was always finished more than 15 minutes before I started and by just doing stand up there was no need for me to do any real set up and I would normally spend the time before my show chatting to audience members or trying to convince a few extra people to come in.
My show would typically start up to 5mins late as there always seemed to be a handful of latecomers.
I was on before the Sheality show and once I was notified about the drinking glasses situation I tried to remember to remove them all (mostly successfully). I always left the room in the same layout as I had found it.
I normally stayed in the bar after the show for 1 pint and if not officially shepherding people into the show as they always shouted out for members to make their way into the room, I always made a point of asking people who looked lost what they were looking for and guided them appropriately.
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