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Fried Eggs Don't Talk Back report

Postby gareth morinan » 03 Sep 2008, 16:10

Fried Eggs Don't Talk Back was a "pretty average stand-up show" – Three Weeks. We were pretty happy with how the show went, it was the first time either of us had performed at Edinburgh so we had nothing to compare it to, but here are our our main thoughts:

1. Audiences – Fortunately for us we had no problem getting audiences in. We realised quite early on, from talking to other free fringers, that we'd been quite lucky with The Standing Order as a venue. For the first couple of days we got about 8 audience members in, but after that we were packing out the room every day. This was mainly because The Standing Order is a big place, even at 2pm there's around 150 people drinking and eating in the pub. The manager was very helpful in advertising all the shows on two large boards outside the pub. We would think that on any given day roughly half of the audience had found us through the free fringe programme, and the other half were people who'd just happened to be at the pub and seen there was a show on. Because of that we'd get quite a few people walk out each day, normally muttering, but we also got quite a few people walk in half way through, balancing out the audience attendance.

2. The Room – The room was brilliant, two entrances, no doors, but that just made it easier for people to wander in and out. They had a bar at the back of the room, but after a week they stopped opening it, realising that no one actually got up and bought drinks in the middle of the shows. Our only quibble was that the room was a bit too light, did anyone else at The Standing Order think this? If the venue is used again next year it might be worth putting up something to black out the windows just to make it a bit darker for the afternoon shows. May we suggest getting black bed sheets which could be taped to the windows - 4 should cover them. In general we didn't have any problems with the venue.

3. Flyering for our show
As we said before, we'd been quite lucky with the venue, for the first few days we were flyering for our show, but we soon realised that we didn't need to. All we did from then on was spend about half an hour before the show talking to people in the pub and letting them know there was a show starting soon.

4. Flyering the Free Fringe Programmes
Because of the number of people coming into The Standing Order we were getting through free fringe programmes pretty quickly. We ran out about half way through the festival, there was a small period of time where there were none there, until one of us went to the Canon's Gait to fetch some more, but we got through those pretty quickly as well.

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