Graham Rice - Three Graduates and a Drop-out

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Graham Rice - Three Graduates and a Drop-out

Postby graham.rice1 » 03 Sep 2008, 11:45

PBH's FF 2008 was the first time I had brought a show to Edinburgh and was a fantastic experience. First of all the venue was superb. We were at the Nicol Edwards and the staff were brilliant especially Dave, the landlord who told me we could ring him anytime day or night, and Ash behind the bar who was always cheery and helpful.

Setting up the space was a bit of a nightmare as we had to destroy benches, scrounge chairs and clean the space which meant we didn't get the space sorted until about 15 mins before the first show went up. paul Ricketts of Up the Arts Comedy was an absolute star for lending loads of equipment and Alexis Dubus, our venue captain worked really hard on the organising/scrounging side of things whilst running two shows and making award-winning performances (what a bastard).

i would echo some of the concerns of the Scarlet Lights girls about people not doing 'the duty' however. This wasn't a problem for us (we told the act before us not to bother) as there were four people in our group meaning we could easily do our own crowd control etc but i could tell it was a struggle for some of the one-man shows in the venue.

I think some more contact between people in the same venue is important as Andrew O'Neill suggests. i don't think i even saw at least a third of the acts in our venue.

A central Free Fringe desk is I think a must for next year. It was mooted this year but i didn't hear any more about it. We thrived on the box office fuck-ups this year but next year will be different.

It would be nice for publicity as well if we could get a photo of as many of us, en masse, as possible to send to the papers during the festival as i don't think that the public necessarily understand the scale of what we are doing.

For first time Free Fringers it might be be prudent to draw up a checklist or some kind of rough itinerary as stuff which is pretty much obvious, when you arrive and work out what edinburgh is about, came out of the blue. for example we had to change our travel arrangements and drive up over night in order to make the first meeting and get-in. We should have realised we wouldn't be able to turn up so late but it wasn't mentioned in an email until a few days before we started and we were all so new to it. I'd be happy to do this for next year.

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