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Scarlet Lights FF Report. 'Sheality' Nicol Edwards - ML

Postby scarletlights » 03 Sep 2008, 11:01

As free fringe virgins it was very daunting the run up to Edinburgh. All the emails with bundles of information and our own personal fundraisers to enable us to get to and stay in Edinburgh made very big weekly to-do lists. With all the panic and questions in mind like, is this all going to be worth it? The answer to our very own question is yes! It was a steep, fast learning curve but one in which we relished in and enjoyed so very much.
We found Dave at the Nicol Edwards extremely helpful and willing to help in anyway possible, along with the other bar staff, Ash was a gem. Our venue captain Alexis Dubus was on the ball and enthusiastic to all of the free fringe and venue needs. He conducted his role superbly.
The acts that we met were all amazing to get along with and we had no conflict with anybody.
We have only a few down points.
We felt that with 2 shows going on in the same venue, audiences were getting misdirected. We saw people in the bar that we had flyered and stated where there for our show, yet when Alexis show started got caught up in the confusion and ended up following the crowd to the banqueting hall. This is not really a big problem as watching any show that is part of the free fringe is beneficial to the public and spreads the word. We just though that a more clear notice of which show is on in which room needs to be displayed. And not just telling the audience the [b]next show [/b]is down the corridor and to the left, but indeed what are the next [b]shows[/b] (Plural) and where they are. This was also to do with the support the ‘Degree of comedy’ lads provided Alexis as they stuck to the free fringe ethos and stuck around after their show to crowd control and inform what was on next in their room. We did not have this. Also we turned up to the performance space every night to find we would spend five minutes of our setting up time clearing up glasses an re-arranging the room we had nobody to usher our audience. We did speak to the artist on before us and tried to resolve this. Apart from the clearing of a few glasses nothing much changed.
The other thing was we loaned a CD deck, 2 mics and 2 mic stands to the free fringe, all clearly labelled Scarlet Lights. But didn’t get our mic’s back! The annoying thing about this is that the microphones did not belong to us and were loaned from our place of work, so we are now out of pocket having to buy a replacement mic.
We also agree that thousands of pounds should not come out of Peters back pocket so everybody should join in with taking part in the previews and do there bit to raise funds for the free fringe.
Also it may be a good idea to get free fringe shows on in other parts of the UK and that way many other northern artists could take part in them and help raise more funds.
Manchester and Leeds would be good places and wouldn’t cost us northerners a night over.
I agree that we should have had at least a weekly meeting with other FF in order to keep on top of things, that way if people were having trouble flyering or knowing where to go etc we could have shared knowledge and offered help.
Supporting the other FF shows is important too, we saw as much as we could in-between performing and flyering and was keen to show other FF shows our support. We felt like other shows could have made more of an effort to do this.
All in all though we had an absolutely amazing time and hope we have met some life long friends through this experience.
Hope to be apart of the Free Fringe again next year and see you all again soon.

Scarlet Lights XxX :D
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Postby Jools Constant » 13 Sep 2008, 11:34

you were all virgins!!!!
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