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Joe Taylor of Three Graduates and a Dropout

PostPosted: 03 Sep 2008, 08:52
by joe taylor
Hello there,

first of all the venue itself was brilliant. We were in the Banqueting Hall at the Nichol Edwards and while the room took quite a bit of cleaning (probably the biggest understatement since "Hitler was a bit naughty") once cleaned it was a great venue for comedy. The staff were friendly and so overwhelmingly helpful to all of us. They laminated our posters, made boards for them to go on outside, and destroyed several items of furniture to get us into the space, so a massive debt of gratitude is owed to them.
On a similar vein, our venue captain, Alexis, was a star. He made the first couple of days which, with no sleep and lots of pressure, could have been a horrifying ordeal, into something which was hard work but was well led and quite satisfying. So a massive thank you to him as he made my first fringe experience a much easier one than it might have been through being available and helpful.
In terms of the other acts at the venue, while their were some I didn't actually get a chance to meet, those I did I found to be equally helpful and great people to work around. I would like to see more communication between acts, especially within venues, as this was the one area i felt a bit out of the loop. I know that Peter had ideas for that this year which didn't go through, but hopefully next year we will be able to implement them.
The room was full every day, despite the weather, and the audiences we had were almost always up for it, giving us loads of great feedback and allowing us to perform to full rooms. This was partly helped by the location of the venue, and also because we had four people flyering. As Andrew O'Neil said in his feedback it would be great to have more co-operation in terms of flyering. Especially i helping those like Peter who are running a lot, or those like Alexis and Andrew who have more than one show on, and therefore limited time to stand in the rain. We did what we could to help out in this way this year, but a Fringe-wide coalition could be extremely helpful. Also, advice for first timers on where to flyer, what the best times are and how best to get bums on seats from the older hands would be welcomed by some people i know at our venue.
It was my first Free Fringe experience and on the whole it was an incredibly rewarding one. The Fringe does a great service, especially to comedians who, like myself, are just starting to make their way in this crazy industry, and long may it continue to do so. I had an absolute blast and I hope that i will be able to do it again next year.